Why We're Different

Keela’s signature System Dual Protection® (SDP) condensation control construction virtually eliminates any condensation experienced by the wearer. This revolutionary system has the ability to remove condensation from inside the garment, keeping the wearer dry from outside and in.

The breathability of all waterproof fabrics is impaired when subjected to rain, especially in cool temperatures. Condensation forms at temperatures of 50° F with no rain and even more rapidly in wet conditions, due to 'cold bridging'. The higher the temperature differential between the inside and outside of the jacket, the more rapidly condensation forms, leaving the wearer wet and uncomfortable. Until Keela, the cold bridging phenomenon has been overlooked by the industry and is an extremely important factor to wearer comfort.

System Dual Protection® keeps you dry and toasty warm

System Dual Protection® works on the same concept as a double-glazed window, putting an air barrier between the warm inside and the cold outside to prevent condensation from forming. Additionally, this inner layer also has a high-wicking ADS laminate to keep the wearer even more dry and comfortable.

Advantages of System Dual Protection over conventional waterproof breathable systems:

  • The ability to move moisture in both its liquid and vapor state at rapid transportation rates, creating a more constantly comfortable wearer environment.
  • Environmental conditions such as extreme cold and wet do not affect the performance of System Dual Protection in the same way as conventional systems.
  • Two membranes provide extra durability, enabling the garment to continue protecting even if the outer layer is torn or damaged.
  • Our air gap construction provides a thermal barrier protecting against heat loss, therefore requiring lighter layers to be worn and packed than with conventional systems. Lighter pack, more freedom.
  • System Dual Protection aids the regulation of body temperature and minimizes shivering during periods of non-activity.
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