Caring for your Keela Jacket

Some simple tips to prolong the life of your outerwear.

  • Hang your waterproof breathable garments up to dry whenever possible. Do not leave the garment rolled-up or folded when wet. Do not hang garment on radiator.
  • Brush off any surface dirt regularly. Dirt accumulating on the outer surface of the garment attracts water and blocks the breathable pores of the fabric. This will rapidly reduce the breathability of the garment.
  • When the time comes to wash your garment, always hand wash in cool water using pure soap or soap flakes. A gentle machine wash can also be used at low temperature. Check individual washing instructions located inside each jacket.
  • DO NOT USE biological powders or detergents as this has a detrimental effect on waterproof fabrics.
  • Hang to dry thoroughly and remove persistent creases with cool iron.
  • RE-PROOFING of your garment is as important as washing. Although the fabric is treated with a water repellent finish, the repellency will decrease over time with wear and washing. This becomes apparent when the surface fabric will "wet out" (absorb water). Use a reproofing solution such as Grangers or NikWax.
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