Frequently Asked Questions
1- Q: Is there really that big a difference between Keela’s System Dual Protection (SDP) and the other jackets out there?

1- A: The short answer: “Yes!”

The detailed answer: SDP does a superior job of moving liquid water and water vapor away from your body and out of your jacket. We do this using our own unique membrane and jacket construction. And we have the test results to prove it. See our technology section to read more about SDP and see these university tests.

Because of our dual layer system, SDP will keep you warmer when resting, drier when active, and provide you a very quick dry out time when you do work up a sweat. We know that you’ll understand this best once you experience it, and that’s why we have a flexible and customer oriented return policy. Your satisfaction and improved outerwear experience is our goal.

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2- Q: Why should I buy SDP when it’s heavier than other waterproof breathable technologies out there?

2- A: First of all, SDP isn’t necessarily any heavier. Our new Cumulus jacket weighs only 16 ounces, right in with average lightweight waterproof breathable jackets from many competitive brands.

Second, the single extra layer of dual protection membrane in our jackets is much lighter than any insulation layer you’d bring in your pack. This layer and the air-gap it creates between it and the outside of the jacket provides much more warmth as part of our system than anything you’d wear for the same weight. You’ll notice with SDP that you can wear less under your jacket, and in fact have to, and stay comfortable in cooler temperatures.

Plus, two layers of protection means that even if the outer shell gets ripped in your travels, you’re still protected from the rain by the inner layer.

SDP is made for cold, wet weather and in these conditions our jackets excel. Again, you’ve got to experience it to truly believe it. Try one for yourself and if you don’t like it, send it back. There’s no obligation, but we have a strong suspicion that you’ll be converted to SDP for life.

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3- Q:Why is SDP better than other waterproof breathable systems on a technical level?

3- A: We can make this claim in good conscience because our technology uses an effective strategy for dealing with cold-bridging, a topic that has gone largely untouched in the industry.

When it’s cold outside there is a large difference between the temperature of your body surface, and the temperature outside your jacket.

These two temperatures meet at your jacket, and the reality of moisture condensing on the inside of your jacket is very real. The colder and more humid it is outside, the more rapidly this happens, especially if you’re working hard… that is unless you have a dual protection jacket.

Our dual layer system eliminates condensation on the inside of your jacket like you’ve never experienced before.

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4- Q: What is all this talk about breathability really about?

See our Technology page for information about how System Dual Protection works to keep you really dry.

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5- Q: What is a hydrophilic membrane?

5- A: A hydrophilic membrane is literally ‘water loving’. It has the ability to move water from one side to the other and only in one direction.

We use two kinds of hydrophilic technologies as part of our SDP system. One is the hydrophilic membrane on the inner layer. This membrane works on a molecular structure to move both liquid and vaporous water out.

The other hydrophilic we use is a star fiber fabric that goes on the body-side of the SDP membrane. We use the fiber structure of this fabric to rapidly disperse any liquid water across the membrane surface for faster absorption by the inner membrane.

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6- Q: What is the dew point?

You can find this information on our Technology page.

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7- Q: What if I want to return my jacket?

7- A: You can return your Keela purchase at any time for a refund or exchange if you are dissatisfied.

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8- Q: How do your jackets fit?
8- A: Detailed fit information is included for each style on our catalog pages.

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9- Q: How do I care for my jacket?

Please see our detailed garment care info.

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10- Q: Where are Keela jackets made?

10- A: Keela jackets are made in our Scotland home facility in Glenrothes, Scotland, as well as in our sister facility in Sri Lanka, run by the company founders’ extended family. Look for the label inside your jacket to see where it came from. Many of our limited run Ventile jackets are made in Scotland.

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11- Q: What are your quality standards?

11- A: Our business was built in Europe and the UK with police and military contracts. These customers demand the highest quality, hardest wearing garments and require that we adhere to the most stringent and exact specifications.

Additionally, our business grew out of an expert high-tech garment industry machine engineering business. Engineering is at the heart of our business.

Our goal is to provide our customers guaranteed long lasting, innovative, high performance, industry endorsed jackets and a better outdoor experience. We strive for quality, durability and comfort to be synonymous with Keela.

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12- Q: What is the warmest jacket you sell?

12- A: The warmest jacket we currently offer online is the Munro, used by many mountain rescue teams in the UK.

Other severe cold weather styles using Primaloft and SDP are available from our larger line for higher minimum orders. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us at or fill out our contact form.

Check back in Winter 2006 for an innovative new bonded-insulation SDP style we’ve got in the works for the website!

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13- Q: What is the lightest weight jacket you sell?

13- A: The Cumulus is the lightest weight jacket we sell on the website.

Other, non-SDP, ultra-light and ultra-packable styles are available from our larger line for higher minimum orders. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us at or fill out our contact form.

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14- Q: Do you sell your SDP liner fabric alone for brands to use in their own garments?

14- A: Yes! Please contact us at or fill out our contact form for more information.

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