Sites We Like

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite websites for your reference in hopes that they’ll be a launching point for learning, service, new experiences and global community building. The outdoor industry is an inspiringly connected, global network, no doubt due to the core passion that brings us all together in this work: our love for the outdoors. Our product is made to suit anyone looking for superior comfort and a better outdoor experience, and we at Keela have a special affinity for groups who spend lots of time outdoors, living and working in the elements our jackets seek to protect them from. We hope you’ll enjoy these sites and check back for updates to this list!

Pacific Crest Trail Association

Learn all about the Pacific Crest Trail, the West Coast’s longest trail at 2650 miles, winding all the way from Mexico to Canada.  Access maps, plan your trip (long or short), volunteer on the trail, become a PCTA member.

The Audubon Society

A national network of community based nature centers, chapters, educational programs and conservation advocacy, focusing on birds, other wildlife and their benefit to humanity.

The American Birding Association

Increase your birding knowledge, skills and enjoyment- a great resource for birders. This non-profit organization caters to recreational birders and contributes to conservation of birds and their habitats.

Mountaineers Club Books

An excellent resource for outdoor books. You’ll find a great selection here from coffee table photo books to informational guides for worldwide trip planning, information on a wide array of outdoor sports and some great books for building you outdoor safety and navigation skills.

California Native Plant Society
Learn all about California native plants, signup for classes and find local volunteer projects.  Also Oregon Native Plant Society and Washington Native Plant Society.
NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses

Build on or start your wilderness medicine skill set, or become an educator.

Student Conservation Association
A great organization working with high school and college age kids looking for a summer of service in conservation.
American Red Cross

Learn, plan, volunteer, give. A helpful and comprehensive guide to emergency planning can be found here.

National Park Service

Purchase your National Parks pass here. Learn about all the National Parks and their programs.

Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

Learn principles and tips for having lower impact on the places you visit. A healthy backcountry equals a healthy people.  Signup for classes to become a leave no trace educator.  Become a member and help ensure that our public lands are being used responsibly by their visitors.

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