About Our Company

scotlandKeela International was founded in 1980 by a leading manufacturer of seam sealing tape and machines based in wet and windy Scotland. Our goal: to offer a line of waterproof breathable outerwear, using the best in seam sealing technology, performance fabric, and garment engineering. Keela is a family run business, distributing direct from the factory. This allows for competitive pricing, while maintaining the highest degree of innovation, quality and technology.

Unique in the market for combining the best in seam sealing technology with our System Dual Protection® condensation control concept, Keela offers the most comfortable waterproof jackets in the market. Keela is widely known and used throughout Europe and the UK, especially by search and rescue teams, technical gear enthusiasts and the British military. Read more about why our jackets outperform the rest in cold and wet conditions on our Technology :: Why We’re Different page.

We have built our business through the invaluable resource of rigorous user testing. The often quick and dramatic weather changes in Scotland’s moody, green landscape provide us with an ideal testing zone for our outerwear and layering systems. Keela supplies most of the Mountain Rescue Teams in the UK, as well as producing custom pieces for the emergency services Police and Ambulance forces. The Royal Air Force Rescue Teams have worn and recommended Keela jackets for many of their expeditions to Antarctica, Karakorum and the Falklands, to name a few.

Our most important endorsement comes from you, the user, and we would be delighted to hear from you. Try a jacket for yourself, take it on your next trip in town or the backcountry, and let us know what you think!

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